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  What is mayo? Mayonnaise is a velvety sauce that has a pungent yet sweet taste to it. Mayo started in France way back in 1756 by a cook called "Duke de Richelieu." It has since made some amazing progress and is currently well known everywhere.  Mayonnaise is utilized in an assortment of food varieties, from salad dressing to Italian dressing, sandwiches, burgers, and numerous different food varieties. Mayo is presently viewed as one of the most normally utilized sauces on the planet. On the off chance that some of you actually have concerns, for example, "does mayo have dairy," then, at that point, have confidence since exemplary mayo doesn't have any dairy content.  What does Mayo Consist of?  As a rule, mayo fixings include:  Egg Yolk.  Oil.  Vinegar or lemon juice.  This is the base least necessity of making mayonnaise to get its normal character, yet it doesn't simply end here. A great deal of business mayonnaise organizations utilize different item